Where to start…

Where to start?!

I’ve been a bit stuck on this first post. I guess I’m feeling the pressure to impart some epic health wisdom from the off. Well here’s the thing.

I love working out how to be the shiniest-sunbeam-sparkle version of myself. Learning about health and wellbeing has become my passions (because I believe passions are grown not given but that’s another blog post)

My social media feeds are full of images of good food, aspirational yoga poses and quotes from zen masters. But truthfully, I’ve been sort of hanging at the back of the party observing the cool kids. Just soaking up the knowledge and waiting for the right moment to get involved. But I’ve decided it’s now my turn to host.

So I’m throwing the shindig and you’ll all invited! Put on your most fabulous outfit, grab some glitter and throw on your most fabulous hat. This is going to be fun.

Part of the reason I chose the name health pixie is because pixies, unless angels, are made for mischief and fun.

Health doesn’t have to mean being a saint. It’s about finding the path that suits you and embracing all your weird and wonderful quirks along the way. I’m a trainee health coach and the best part of my course is to explore hundreds of different approaches. Here’s the thing nobody,  and no body!,  is the same (despite what ridiculous women’s magazine’s would like you to believe). I know that I cannot live with the occasional cocktail with my girlfriends, but at the same time I find sanity in regular meditation – what’s right for you?

I’m off to Wilderness festival this weekend to massage in their spa and I can’t wait to share with you the talks I’m going to.

So here we go! Set off the confetti canons, let’s get this circus on the road.

Harri xxx

shiney good health


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