How I’m feeling about September…

Hi lovelies,

What a funny month it’s been. August has gone by in a blink hasn’t it?! I don’t know what I’ve been up to but I’m absolutely brain-frazzled.

I’ve discovered why people go on honeymoon straight after a wedding! I got married at the end of June (shameless pic below) but we’re not going on honeymoon until October meaning I haven’t had a proper break all year, and it’s taking it’s toll on my mental health.

Confetti over the bride and groom

I feel very lucky to have so many exciting things going on in my life but there have been times where I’ve felt totally overwhelmed by it all. And if I’m honest, there have been a few days this month where I’d even go as far to say that I’ve had the blues. (Ouch, that’s hard to admit out-loud.)

I’m a social butterfly (I should have FOMO written on my forehead) and this summer I have had something planned every weekend – which I’m not complaining about, it’s better than having nothing to do all summer-  but I’m really starting to feel the effects of not having had any time out.

Tiredness can be such a mood killer. Grumpiness, anxiety, teariness – they can all stem from not getting enough beauty sleep when the brain has time to rest and repair. At the moment I’m waking up exhausted despite getting my normal 7 hours 30 mins (Yup, so specific, but it just seems to be how it works out every night once I’ve faffed about with getting myself ready for the next day)

It’s a long weekend this week and we have some friends coming to stay. Normally I’d be so excited to see my friends… but all I want to do it sleep!

let's stay home

This so isn’t me. I hate whining about tiredness, feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It’s really not my style.

So I’m determined that come September (next week! how did that happen?) I’m going to try and get out of this social whirl and look after myself a bit better.

There’s something awesome about Autumn. There’s also that ‘going back to school’/fresh start feeling too which is conducive to a clean slate.


Whilst I’m in this slightly fragile head-space it’s the perfect time for me to practice a bit of self-love. Buy myself flowers. Take naps. Watch movies. Write. Listen to my body by going to more gentle classes like yoga where I might normally push myself to go Spinning. Also listen to my body about what it needs in terms of nourishment. I’m eating a few more carbs than I normally would because, let’s be honest, there’s really very few things in life as comforting a potato right?!

I’m quieting the inner critic that tells me I’m weak and ridiculous. Embracing self-kindness. There’s nothing wrong with needing to take a step back.

How are you feeling after the summer? Sad? Looking forward to the new season? Share your thoughts. 


Harri x

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3 thoughts on “How I’m feeling about September…

  1. Aww, sorry to hear you’ve felt this way! I hope you’re feeling better now and I bet you can’t wait till your honeymoon! We got married in May last year and didn’t have our honeymoon till October! xxx


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