5 ridiculous reasons for a happy weekend

alpaca unicorn

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaay!!!  *Huge confetti canons* 

As my last few posts have alluded to, I’ve been in a bit of a funny head space recently (anxiety fcking sucks). It’s really unlike me and it’s not something I relish  – my wardrobe doesn’t include enough black items for melancholy, I’m much more a sunshine and candy stripes kind of girl.

Maybe that makes the dips are a little bit rougher when they appear, I dunno. Anyway, a situation came to a bit of a head this week, and although nothing was resolved I feel like somewhere in my brain something switched.

Today, I came to the realisation that even though this really worrying situation isn’t going away, that’s almost more reason to pick myself up and get my sparkle back. 

So I’m kicking negativity out of bed and putting some positivity back into play. (Please excuse the terrible mixed metaphors there but I sort of enjoyed it.)

This weekend I’m going to have a proper clear out. Get rid of any old clothes I never wear, throw out the cosmetics I never use and I’m going to tackle my disgusting dank bathroom. We bought our first flat last December but we’ve never got round to doing anything apart from un-pack (wedding planning got in the way) I’ll keep you posted on my new project but let me just tell you that at the moment my bathroom is a horrendous sludge colour (hello, my mental health earlier this week??) But I’ve got big plans. Watch this space.

I’ve decided that I can’t let one worrying situation define my existence. 

Not that I think this will be easy but I have to be able to accept the crappy thing that’s happening but still find and embrace happiness in my own life. And that’s an ok thing to do. In fact, it makes it even more important to do so!

There are so many reasons to be happy:

  1. Confetti canons
  2. Sunflowers
  3. Red lipstick
  4. Pink hair dye
  5. Peaches

And those ridiculous reasons for happiness are just off the top of my head.

Right off to get the rollers out.. and for once they’re not for my hair!

Thanks for listening. Tell me, what are your top 5 reasons to smile this weekend?


(Oh glorious alpacacorns, how I wished you existed.)


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